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Old Boar's Team

Regular Season 2015

Old Boar’s Team

Based in Portland, Oregon, most members of the Old Boars emigrated from the Portland Rugby Club. The Old Boars host an annual summer tournament for 35+ squads and participate in matches and tournaments throughout the year.

Most transitioned willingly upon reaching the ripe old age of 35, but as always, there were a few who had to be brought to the Masters level kicking and screaming when they hit 40+. Now the Old Boar ranks are filled with players in their prime (40′s & 50′s), but the 60′s decade is looming dangerously close for a few.

Approximately 45 members partake in matches on sunny Saturday afternoons in June or September and somewhat fewer than that on wet and cold days in April and November. The Portland Old Boars were the winner of the “Over 40” Gold Medal at the World Masters Games in 1998.

The Boars play three or four matches in both the spring and the fall trips taken to Vancouver, BC and Seattle, along with tournament appearances in Las Vegas and on the Catalina Island. On the whole, the Boars feel any practice is overrated as a preparation technique for upcoming matches. Our kit includes white jerseys, black shoes, and black socks if we can remember where we put them after the last match.

To contact the Boars please send an email Bill Terrill at

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